Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where did the time go - teacakes and technology!

Yesterday at Farfield Mill seemed to fly by - it seemed like no time at all between arriving and enjoying a breakfast teacake in the cafe courtesy of my brother-in-law Barry and his wife Sue, and hearing the '15 minutes until the mill closes' warning at the end of the day while I edited some video footage taken on my new headcam.
Stella's journal
I spent the morning reading background information and writing up my thoughts about the site specific piece I want to create for Farfield Mill.  I have been inspired by the statement about the silver grey pillars that Karen, in her other role as an Interpretation Officer for the Yorkshire Dales National Park, wrote on the Rules and Regulations information panel:

'Standing about doing nothing was strictly forbidden. The steel columns in this mill were apparently painted a silvery-white colour, which showed marks if any workers leant against them with their greasy work clothes!'

I am really interested in the visible and invisible marks human contact has left in the mill and have spent time today observing the visible dints and scratches that have been made on the silver grey pillars. 
Lunch time saw me sitting in the lovely Howgill Cafe and Bakery in Sedbergh enjoying a latte and arranging to work with them as part of the wider Arts Council England funded project.  I also went into the greengrocers, Powells Fruit and met the lovely manager who is also keen to work with me.
Stella using the headcam

Back at Farfield Mill I began the exciting task of unpacking my new headcam that had arrived the day before, and, just as the youtube review had said, this was the most difficult part, the camera itself has excellent instructions and came with a partially charged battery so I was able to try it out straight away. Check out the results below.


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