Monday, 2 May 2011

Settling in

Day 2 and we have settled in well - as you can see in this photo of Karen hard at work! 

It has been nice to chat to our visitors and also to have time to focus on our creative work - a luxury that has been absent since completing the MA last September. 

Karen has spent part of the day staring fixedly at the oily marks on the beautiful old floorboards whilst I have finished setting up the loom and have begun to weave.  I have also enjoyed getting out and about in the mill taking photographs of the marks and wear and tear on the silver pillars.

Karen will be at the mill tomorrow and I can't wait to get back into the studio on Wednesday.

Stella Adams-Schofield


  1. Thanks Stella - I second all that - it's just wonderful to have the time and space again - all thanks to funding from The National Lottery through Arts Council England

  2. Hey, pretty swanky you two! Don't spare a thought for us office drones while you get creative.