Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sedbergh Art Path open for business!

Stella's piece for Powells Fruit Shop

Detail of Karen's piece for Hollett's bookshop
Since finishing our residency at Farfield Mill at the end of May, Stella and I have been hard at work weaving, hooking, stitching and snipping. We've concentrated on the pieces inspired by our visits to the four business premises in Sedbergh who were kind enough to let us poke about and take photos and make sketches. This was in preparation for the 'Art Path' that we planned right from the start of the project. Our intention has been to show the work inspired by the Sedbergh businesses in its original context. Art on display in the workplace looks very different to art on the walls of a gallery! Yesterday was the big day when we delivered our pieces to the business owners. Luckily, everyone was delighted with the results and they are now all on show along with posters explaining how each piece came about. We have also written and printed a leaflet which shows where all the businesses are and also describes a lovely riverside walk from the town out to Farfield Mill where people can see a display about the work we did in the mill during May. Big thanks to the mill for allowing us to adapt their own walk leaflet for this. Let us know if you manage to walk our Art Path!

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